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Residence in Corvara with family tradition

Villa Trieste, years guided by Family Thaler, full of love and engagement, guarantees an unforgettable holiday in Val Badia.

Mrs. Rizzi Antonietta, originally from the Val di Fassa, after having worked for 23 years as a waitress in the dining room at the Hotel "Posta Zirm" in the center of Corvara, decided to undertake a new adventure. It was in 1954 and on the proposal of Mr. Erich Kostner, who built in Corvara the first sledge lift of Italy, he asked Mrs. Antonietta to take over the "Col Alt" mountain hut.
Our aunt Antonietta, who was planning to build herself a house in Corvara, accepted with pleasure the proposal of Mr. Kostner, sure that in this way she would earn some more money to invest in her new house. Soon it became a famous mountain hut, thanks to her cooking specialties. The apple strudel of our aunt was one of the best in the region – today we still jealously guard the original recipe.
With her savings, in 1959, aunt Antonietta built her B&B, naming it "Villa Trieste", in honor of the many guests from Trieste, whom she "served" in many years of work at the hotel "Posta Zirm" and which had encouraged her to realize her dream. The B&B "Villa Trieste" was the first building in that area. It had 8 rooms with bathroom on the floors. Antonietta managed the mountain hut and asked her sister Giuseppina for help to manage the B&B. Giuseppina left the Val di Fassa and moved to Corvara together with her two nieces, Clelia and Costanza. They raised these two girls, with love and foresight. Mr. Erich Kostner continued to expand his network of ski lifts, tourists began to arrive more and more. The work in the refuge and in Villa Trieste increased and so in 1972, aunt Antonietta decided to leave the management of the refuge "Col Alt". Clelia helped her aunts in running the B&B while Costanza married Luigi and moved to Brunico. In 1970 Clelia married Giuseppe Thaler and from this union Stefan was born in 1973 and Christian in 1974. In 1973 Clelia and Giuseppe decided to renovate the B&B and the 8 rooms with one bathroom on each floor were converted into rooms with en-suite bathroom, which was pure luxury at that time. In the early years, the house had a boiler and aunt Beppina got up every day at 4.00 a.m. to fill the boiler with coal so that the guests had a warm room when they woke up. In 1993 the aunts, who were great workers, were now of a certain age and cleaning the rooms and preparing breakfast every day became too much work for them. They decided to renovate Villa Trieste for the 2nd time transforming the rooms with breakfast into apartments, which were then managed by their niece Clelia and her husband. In December, after a life dedicated to the work and sacrifices, aunt Antonietta died in 1995 and in 2001, also aunt Beppina died. Clelia carried on with love and dedication what her aunts had left her. The beauty of the place and the excellent hospitality made "Villa Trieste" the favourite destination of a large number of regular guests - there are still many families, who for generations have chosen our Residence Villa Trieste to spend their vacations. In 2004 Clelia and Giuseppe decided to add a wellness center to the house, which gave Villa Trieste a further boost.
Aware of the treasure of memories that Villa Trieste represents, and aware of the sacrifices made until today, both by the aunts Antonietta and Beppina, as well as by the parents Clelia and Giuseppe, Stefan, decided to carry on their work and the tradition of Villa Trieste. And so, in May 2020 the Residence Villa Trieste was completely demolished and rebuilt, offering to our guests a new, modern structure, but always linked to the alpine and family tradition.

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Our new spacious and fully furnished apartments in mountain style offer a high level of comfort and an extraordinary panoramic view of the Dolomites.

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If you are looking for real sensory experiences, our wellness area with panoramic view, sauna, turkish bath and lots more is the right place for a holiday with well-deserved relaxation.

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Alta Badia

Enjoy a memorable stay in Corvara, surrounded by a magical mountain panorama. Discover a variety of activities in the breathtaking surroundings of the UNESCO World Heritage Site on foot, by bike or on scenic climbing tracks.

Snowy landscape Active skiing holidays

The famous ski resort "Dolomiti Superski" with the famous "Sellaronda", offers infinite descents on perfectly prepared slopes and numerous huts for a well-deserved break with marvelous panoramic terraces and delicacies to satisfy your palate.

Unforgettable moments in the Dolomites

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